OMNI Health Solution, Ltd is dedicated to being an emerging and 

significant force in controlling healthcare to customers by advancing

the most enhanced quality patient care through the utilization of

​suitable cost-effective medical supplies products.

Company Description


OMNI Health Solution, Ltd, is emerging in establishing itself as a well-respected distributor that is known for its cost saving options in the medical supply industry. By providing only quality & reliable supplies, is OMNI Health Solution continually developing innovative, cost-effective products through strategic marketing channels. OMNI Health Solution, Ltd is committed to keeping your customer's supply costs to a minimum and without compromising quality.

In order to accomplish our mission goals, OMNI Health Solution our core values in business practice. The company strives to facilitate medical professionals by save time, money, and improve the way they do business. Our first priority is always the customers. OMNI Health Solution believes that building the relationship is our foremost goal before we build the business. Our daily operation strives to fulfill the values by:

  • Integrity - We act with uncompromising integrity. All our dealings are honest. We are committed to treating all people, inside and outside the company, with dignity and respect. We give everyone an equal opportunity, regardless of their personal characteristics, preferences or beliefs.
  • Client Centered - We strive to exceed our clients' expectations every day for external customers by developing long-term relationships with them. We always focus on building the client relationship & trust first before we build the client business.
  • Team members - We create an atmosphere of growth and opportunity where all team members can reach their potential. We seek to enjoy every day at work and celebrate people for their effort and success. We follow the Golden Rule by treating others the way we would like to be treated.
  • Steady Development - We use the best of our abilities to get the results we desire, in the most cost effective way. We maintain a streamlined organization to allow for quick responses to market opportunities. We value individual initiative that leads to improvements in product offerings, product quality and service levels. 
  • Lead by Example - We practice what we preach. Managers demonstrate these core values and encourage all employees to do the same.




NEW - Coming Soon (Q3 / Q4 2021) Location (Tennessee, USA)

Dallas, Texas Location

OMNI Health Solution, Ltd was formed years ago to be an emerging and significant force in controlling health care costs by advancing enhanced quality patient care through the use of appropriate cost-effective supplies. The company, OMNI Health Solution, was originally funded by two venture capital firm during it's initial years. Our current North and Central America operations targets the wholesale distribution market by supplying medical supplies to individual physician's, small & mid size medical groups, urgent care centers, surgical facilities, pharmacies, assisted living operations, long term care centers, and dentist office's / groups and major distributors in those territories. We currently have different Sales & Distribution locations in Los Angeles, Miami, Cheyenne, Phoenix, Guatemala, Panama, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Qatar. Our Corporate Headquarters is located in Dallas Texas.