OMNI Health Solution, Ltd., is an OEM  manufacturer / wholesaler of disposable medical supplies & pharmaceuticals to various healthcare

providers. Unlike other competitors, the company focuses and concentrates strictly in medical supplies & certain pharmaceuticals products only.

We focus 100% in full or mixed container loads (20ft or 40ft) sales to our customers. The company offers private label OEM brand packaging to all customers.

As a specialized Contract Manufacturer, our concentration allows us to deliver high quality medical supplies manufactured to our customers requirements

by focusing 100% on the newest and most up-to-date items available from our manufactures in the market place. OMNI Health Solution only procures

supplies directly from the our strategic alliances and invested interest with oversea manufacturers. The company does not buy and resell product 

through secondary wholesalers. All items offered for sale are custom manufactured to our specifications. Depending on the requirements of the

customers and the final shipping point, all items are manufactured to CE, ISO, and FDA standards. Certificates are available upon request.